To serve Veterans and their dependents.

To promote Remembrance and to act in the service of Canada and its communities.

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All tables available

  • Pool ball sets shall be kept behind the bar until required and returned there after each group is finished. Balls will be sanitized by staff between games.

  • Before starting any play all players must sanitize their hands.

  • Upon completion of each game, players shall be responsible to wipe down the outside rails with the sanitizing wipes provided prior to the start of the next group of players.

  • Snooker tables will be booked in advance in 2 hour increments.

  • 8 Ball tables Pick up balls from the bartender and we will be going by an honour system of .75 per game to be paid at the end of play. Maximum 2 hours of play unless no one is waiting for a table.


Dart boards available


  • Must bring own darts and chalk

  • Please check with bartender to see if there is room available before going into games room.

The Games Room offers Darts, Billiards, and Eight Ball.



To book time please call

Earl Wicks at (778) 677-4074






411 Gorge Road East

Victoria, BC, V8T 2W1

Office - (250) 384-7814   Lounge - (250) 384-5213

Office Hours Tuesday to Friday 10AM - 3PM, and Saturday 9AM to 2PM



This site was last updated - Saturday July 10, 2021


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